OPTI-FLEX Regenerative Joint Complex

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30 Day Supply


Will Not Test & Has Amazing Taste

OPTI-FLEX, our horse supplement for restorative joint health is a formula that is results and science driven for bone, joint, connective tissue health and support being highly anti-inflammatory. OPTI-FLEX is the only horse supplement for joint health, formulated the way OPTI-FLEX is. This is a highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant blend loaded with natural, herbal and organic ingredients, perfectly blended, in a clinically proven formula, not to mention it also contains Zeolite, as one of the many key active ingredients in this formula.  Our blend is based on the newest cutting edge ingredients for a horse supplement or horse nutrition product. We don’t use ingredients because they have a big name and are generally recognized by the public because they are usually on every label.  We have taken a different path with the newest scientific discoveries for ingredients that actually work safely and get visible results in a unique horse supplement formula.

  • Has been proven to restore Collagen II.
  • Will support cartilage cell health for all horses.
  • Can slow or stop cartilage degradation.
  • Opti Flex is highly anti-inflammatory with Leucine and COX 2 inhibitors (blocking inflammation) and works to naturally reduce already existing inflammation, reduce pain, support ease of movement and will.  Just watch the results from this next generation formula.  Review our supplement facts panel & see how we are different.  
  • Can aid to jump-start the natural process for regeneration of healthy joints. This is the perfect formula when rehabbing horses from injuries, surgery, musculoskeletal issues, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis.