OPTI-GEST Ulcer Relief

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30 Day Supply


Will Not Test & Has Amazing Taste

OPTI-GEST is a one of a kind horse supplement for anti-ulcer, anti-colic, digestion and gut health formula.  OPTI-GEST has five anti-acidosis ingredients, battling ulcers before onset and during the active state.  Results in as little as 3 days, supported by statements from Rehab Centers, Trainers and Veterinarians.  Our OPTI-GEST digestion horse supplement is raved about as the best newly introduced horse supplement product of the year for anti-ulcer and anti-colic in a complete digestive and gut health horse supplement formula.   

  • OPTI-GEST has six gut soothing enzymes to work synergistically for your horse to get the fastest and most effective results.
  • OPTI-GEST has live Prebiotics and Probiotics to improve the microbial landscape of the gut and to counteract already existing bad intestinal bacteria.  The healthful bacteria in the Prebiotics and Probiotics gobble up the unhealthy bacteria in the front and hindgut both, as well as the entire digestive tract.  This allows more effective bio-available nutrients to reach the cellular level enhancing results.  Opti Gest is a one of a kind product that has been sworn by from Vets, Trainers & Rehab Centers due to the results they get.
  • Every horse prone to Colic, under stress or being hauled regularly should be on this product.  You will see a positive and immediate difference in your horse.  A horse supplement insurance policy for gut health is the way our Vet explained this next generation product.  

Please store in 80 degrees or less. Living pro-biotics and pre-biotics cannot be exposed to extreme heat.