OPTI-THRIVE Daily Health- Barn Barrel

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Feeds up to 10 Horses for 30 Day Supply


Will Not Test & Has Amazing Taste

The world’s best horse supplement foundation you start with to protect and enhance long term health.  OPTI-THRIVE is the perfect blend for a daily horse supplements nutritional value to build a great foundation.  OPTI-THRIVE will create visible results for every horse, mares in utero, weanlings and up.  Optimum Performance horse supplements contain organic and natural ingredients, perfectly blended to make this the safest and most effective formula on the market, period.  Horse & Equine Rehab Centers is where we got our start because our horse supplements get a better result than any other horse supplements on the market.  We discovered this through scientific horse nutrition protocols we strictly adhere to.  OPTI-THRIVE delivers better skin, coat, digestive health, blood, organs, joints, hoof health, joint, muscle, add and maintain topline weight, focus and overall horse health. We researched and found a better way to formulate based on higher quality ingredients in the correct therapeutic amounts in a perfect ingredient blend.  All of our ingredients are non-GMO.

  • Higher in healthy protein, healthy fats, and fiber tested at 35% to 40% healthy fat per serving helping add and maintain topline weight.  Our flavors are the best on the market for horse supplements and horses love them.  Just wait, they will run to the bucket.
  • Optimum Performance horse supplements use the highest quality, newest, cutting edge and most expensive ingredients in the world, sourced from the best laboratories in the world.  We do not cut corners because we do not have to, since we produce our own products in our 200,000 square foot state of the art, for human quality scientific production center.
  • Optimum Performance horse nutrition supplements create a result for every horse and equine athlete.  Every product Optimum Performance creates a formula for, is produced in our own FDA, NSF, GMP and organic approved human consumption facility.  
Feeding Schedule
500-750lbs 1 scoop daily
750-1250lbs 2 scoops  daily
1250-1500lbs 3 scoops daily
1500lbs and up 4 scoops daily